Sunward High Performance School Uniform

                            The Sunward High Performance School takes a more casual approach to the school uniform, creating a more learning-focused environment. The school uniform thus consists of:

                            • A pair of blue denim jeans

                            • A black or white golf shirt embellished with the school logo

                            • A black blazer embellished with the school logo or white honours blazer

                            • A black jersey 

                            • A pair of black and white tekkies/sneakers

                            • A black pullover with white stripes

                            • White socks for girls and grey socks for boys

                            For help with the uniform or to purchase uniform items, contact Sunward High Performance School supplier Earlyworx situated at 18 Roraima Centre, Elspark, Germiston.

                             (011) 893 0005         Google Maps