Discover how learners benefit the most

SchoolLMS is a learner and learning management system that integrates all e-learning tools and content to present to all its users (i.e. teachers, learners, parents, manager admin, support, trainers, value add providers) through an intelligent and interactive timetable. 

What is SchoolLMS?

SchoolLMS is an abbreviation for School Learning Management System. It is an application (app) created by the Public Benefit Organisation ELASI (e-Learning Association for Schools and Institutions) for use by schools that takes advantage of the wide range of abilities of devices such as laptops, tablets, and cellphones. An educator can upload a CAPS aligned interactive linear lesson presentation for the day's lesson onto the SchoolLMS app and the learner can access that presentation to view during the lesson or during their own time for studying. SchoolLMS integrates many such e-learning tools and content as that described for use by educators, learners, parents, support etc. SchoolLMS works in conjunction with the traditional learning system to enhance the education capabilities of schools by including the benefits of technology in the learning environment. Now learners always have access to class notes and lessons in their own time in a more interactive and interesting way on the SchoolLMS app as well as have access to online library resources for free; educators can support learners offline (in class) and online (through SchoolLMS) and parents can have active access to their child's progress.

 Encounter ELASI, SchoolLMS and more with this video introduction available through the YouTube link below.

Public Benefit Organisation ELASI (e-Learning Association for Schools and Institutions) and creator of SchoolLMS

How does SchoolLMS work?

Each learner has access to their own intelligent and interactive timetable on the SchoolLMS app through the device of their choosing. Through physical and digital interaction with the timetable, a learner can enter a lesson by clicking the lesson on the timetable. The content for that lesson, be it a CAPS aligned interactive linear lesson presentation, quiz, memo, video presentation, or writing assignment uploaded on the SchoolLMS app by an educator, will then be available for the learner to actively participate in. SchoolLMS stores all content uploaded by educators and learners for continuous access and learning; additionally, SchoolLMS records participation by learners in class as well as results of assessments for continuous evaluation of progress in all subjects.

Tour through a SchoolLMS lesson with this Lesson Content Demo available through the YouTube link below.

How is SchoolLMS funded?

SchoolLMS aims to fund SchoolLMS in an initiative to be a self-sustainable innovation through the use of an e-tool called School Economy. The School Economy e-tool operates using a use-to-earn model i.e. as users use SchoolLMS and School Economy, funds are generated for SchoolLMS and School Economy. Using SchoolLMS as a learner would do for school work, however, does not only generate funds for SchoolLMS but also generates funds for the school and the learner.

The School Economy operates using an use-to-earn (use-2-earn) model

More about how School Economy works

School Economy consists of a school online shop where various products from numerous companies are loaded. By purchasing a product from the online school shop, a portion of the earnings is donated to SchoolLMS, the school, and the user who purchased the product. Thus, every time the user purchases a product using School Economy, the user gets a part of the purchase back in monetary value to spend again.

Become more acquainted with the SchoolLM system and School Economy through the YouTube link below.

How do learners benefit the most from School Economy?

With SchoolLMS and School Economy, good grades are no longer the only reward for a learner's hard work. By completing homework and achieving improved results on the SchoolLMS app, learners are presented with monetary rewards they can use to spend on any product in the online school shop. Then with each purchase a learner makes using the online school shop, they recieve part of the purchase back to spend on more products. Simply for doing school work, achieving good grades and using the online school shop, learners earn to buy and buy to earn.

Learners benefit the most

 School Economy awards learners with monetary rewards for completing school work and achieving good grades to use to buy a variety of products, from school stationary to digital devices, from the online school shop.

Earn more by buying more

Every purchase from the online school shop using School Economy rewards the buyer with more monetary rewards.

Use 2 Earn

The use to earn model of School Economy allows the user to constantly earn more rewards and continue funding the tool through simply using the system.