Sunward High Performance Representative Council of Learners, 2021

The Representative Council of Learners (RCL) is a constitutionalized learners organisation voted in by the learners themselves. The aim of this body, composed of learners from grade 8 and above, is to represent the needs and interests of the learners in the school.

The role encourages learners to be civic-minded, take on a role of leadership and responsibility and participate in the governance of the school. These peer-respected representatives are expected to foster unity among learners; keep learners informed about events in the school; foster good relationships within the school between learners and educators, non-teaching staff and parents as well as institute links with other schools.

Meet the Sunward High Performance School RCL of 2021, from grade 8 through to grade 12,  voted in by the learners of Sunward High Performance School.