Sunward High Performance School, situated at 6 Hanau  Street,  Farrar Park, Boksburg,  is a newly developed, completely unique-to-its-area Secondary School that offers a distinctive learning opportunity to attending students.

Our Story

Sunward High Performance School opened its doors on the 15th of January 2020 with the vision of empowering children in maths, science, and other related fields using the latest e-active learning environment to provide students with the best opportunities for their future.


Sunward High Performance School implements an e-active learning environment powered by the learning managment system known as SchoolLMS. This system supports learning on tablets, laptops and other devices and has proven to be the best learning support during Covid-19. To learn more about SchoolLMS and what this means for future learning, click the link below.

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 Their Future

 Through the focus on maths and science in a forward-thinking curriculum, Sunward High Performance School maximises the opportunities for its learners in the future fields of engineering, medicine and finance.

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Sunward High Performance School Crest

Sunward High Performance School is an associative Secondary School of Sunward Park High School and shares the extensive knowledge and skills of a long-standing successful establishment.

The crest of Sunward High Performance School is derived from the orange crest of its associative Secondary School, Sunward Park High School, with its platinum colours representing the achievement in quality of work and performance by students, educators, and the school with its focus on maths and science.

The seven steps visualised on the crest embody a ladder reaching upwards where the ascending steps represent respectively:

  • Love                                

  • Hope

  • Faith

  • Loyalty

  • Respect

  • Discipline

  • Knowledge

Sunward Park High School Principal - Mrs. Peens

"Sunward High Performance School is the frutition of a lifelong dream of empowering the South African child in obtaining excellence in the field of Mathematics, Physical Sciences and Accounting."

Sunward High-Performance School Principal - Mrs. Vermeulen

"Sunward High Performance is a nurturing environment where learners are equipped to excel academically. 

The powerful combination of healthy competition amongst learners and their own dedication, the guidance of dedicated educators and the support of parents is our recipe for success."


Sunward High Performance School strives to educate individuals to be life-long critical thinkers who participate, lead and serve. We undertake to ensure that our learners are armed with the knowledge, skills, values and academic excellence to succeed in life.
Our vision is to to prepare and motivate our students for a rapidly world by insitlling in them critical thinking skills, a global perspective and a respect for core values of perserverance and academic excellence.


  • To ensure quality teaching and learning takes place using advanced e-learning.

  • To nurture each individuals talent and produce leaders in society.

  • To prepare our students for university by creating an effective learning environment of higher standards and expectations with focus on Mathematics and Physical Science.